Give the web back to good people

Building and hosting a website is too hard for most people. Because of this, most of the web's content lives in small number of siloed corporate behemoths. This has led to a world where, today, the web is worse than it was a decade ago.

Small company, big infrastructure

We're a small team but we use enterprise grade infrastructure to host your websites. We've architected the entire Wunderbucket service to scale to infinity and beyond. And, because we're running on AWS, your data is secure in a space-age datacenter and your sites are supported by some of the best DevOps engineers on the planet.

Who built this

Wunderbucket is a project by: Smmall Inc. an incubator for sustainable projects.

Levi wrote code, did some design, drew the pictures, and supports the customers.

Other people helped too: 🇵🇱 Konrad wrote code. 🇳🇿 Matthew designed the app & icons.