Wunderbucket is shutting down

Wunderbucket will be shutting down as of Oct 1st.

I built Wunderbucket to make hosting easier for designers who knew a little HTML but were intimidated by the process of building a full static site. To this date over 4,000 users have built a site on Wunderbucket. But as I’ve continued down this path it’s become clear to me that there’s more work to be done to make a hosting service that truly can compete with the other static hosting services out there.

I was facing a choice to either invest more work in building the next version of Wunderbucket or continue to let it be half the service that it should. Frankly, as a one man show, my attention has moved on to other projects and I don’t think just letting this wither on the vine is fair to users. So I made the decision to shut it down.

Thank you for choosing to use Wunderbucket these past few years. I appreciate the support and wish you the best.

Levi Nunnink
Creator of Wunderbucket