Free during beta

We commit to clear business models and transparent pricing structures. While we remain in beta we're not charging for Wunderbucket but we want you to know what it will cost when it officially launches so it doesn't come as a suprise.

Free Freelance Agency
Price $0/mo $10/mo
Free for students
Sites 1 10 10
Additional Sites $5/mo $25/mo
Bandwidth 10GB / mo 100GB / mo 500GB / mo
Additional Bandwidth $20/100GB $20/100GB $20/100GB
Custom Domains Check Check Check
HTTPS Check Check Check
Users 1 1 Unlimited
Global CDN Check Check Check
Custom SSL Ceritficates (Requires Managed DNS Zone + Dedicated CDN) Check $500 installation fee / certificate
Dedicated CDN Check $100 / mo / domain
Managed DNS Zone Check $100 / mo / domain

Note to students

We'd love to be a small part of launching your career as a freelancer or at an agency. Because of that we designed Wunderbucket to be the easiest hosting to you use while you're learning HTML. We also recognize that when you're starting out you don't have much extra income and we want to help. So Wunderbucket is free while you're learning. Once you're on your way as a freelancer or at an agency it's time to move to an official relationship.


Please just get in touch with Levi at @LeviNunnink and you should get an answer promptly.