Getting Started

A brief overview of how to use Wunderbucket

Thanks for trying Wunderbucket. Let's start by making an edit to your site and publishing it.

1. Create your site

You can pick an existing folder with HTML inside of it, or just pick an empty folder and Wunderbucket will fill it with a starter template.

2. Edit your site

Open that folder in your favorite HTML editor. We love Nova, Espresso and Visual Studio Code.

Open your localhost server and make changes to the site. Watch as they automatically appear.

3. Publish your site

When you're done making changes, open the Wunderbucket popover and click "Publish".

Next steps

Wunderbucket can do more than just host your HTML. It comes with lots of special features like includes and markdown parsing. Or if you're the type of person who learns best by looking at code, why not download some of our recipes to get an idea of how things work?