Bandwidth Limits

Limits on how much data your can transfer using Wunderbucket

Wunderbucket uses global CDNs to transfer your content and make the loading experience fast for your visitors. These CDNs are designed for typical, optimized HTML assets, not large files or media. We put limits on the amount of data that can be transferred with your Wunderbucket account that typical users will never reach.

Accounts are limited depending on the plan they have selected:

Free Freelance Agency
10GB / mo 100GB / mo 500GB / mo

If you need more bandwidth, contact us and we can set up a custom plan for you with the bandwidth that you need.

If you go over your limits

If your account is getting close to reaching the limits:

  1. We will contact you and ask you to reduce the amount of bandwidth that your sites are using or upgrade your account.
  2. If you do not respond and your account does not reduce its bandwidth usage, we may temporarily deactivate the sites that are going over the limits.

If your site has been deactivated and you need to reactivate it contact us and we can discuss how to reactivavte it.